About Me

Hi, I’m Carina Kozaczuk.

I have been a realtor since 2005.  I chose this profession for many reasons, but mostly I can thank Grandma Alice for getting me here.

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As a kid, I lived next door to my grandparents, at least for some of the time each year.  They were snow birds, flying back and forth between Santa Barbara, California and Bainbridge Island, Washington.  They had grown up on the island, and never quite got it out of their system.  Alice and Bob also took at least one international vacation every year.  They traveled the globe.  In fact, I still have their old globe which is criss-crossed with lines representing all of their journeys.

Obviously they had some money.  Grandma Alice had inherited some money from her father, who was a gold miner in Alaska (another story).  Her father taught her to invest that money in real estate.  And she did.  By the time I got to know them, Alice and Bob had six or seven properties, mostly paid for, and they lived entirely off the rents.  I learned first-hand about the power of real estate investing, and I’m a believer.

My life is not all about real estate.  I wear many hats, as they say.  I am married to a wonderful man, and we have two young children who bring us a lot of joy.   We homeschool our children in the mornings.  In the evenings I teach English as a Second Language at Whatcom Community College.  I have an MA in Bilingual education (Spanish), and I have been in one classroom or another since 1987.  My education expertise allows me to easily help my clients understand the steps involved in a real estate transaction, so they feel comfortable every step of the way.  Both professions, teacher and realtor, are service professions in my mind.  It is all about caring for people and helping them get down the road to where they want to go.  That makes me happy.

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Yes, I’m busy.  That is why I am part of a team at eXp.  Please meet my wonderful business associate, and good friend, Sandy Hicks. Sandy is a blood hound when it comes to searching for homes for people.  She is fun, easy-going, and relaxed.  We have a good time together, and between the two of us, there is always someone to meet your needs.

We both look forward to working with you and becoming your friend.

Carina Kozaczuk, aka MrsKozyShack